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Make Disciples

Meet With People in Your God-Given Sphere of Relationships.


Every person around you needs encouragement to live more like Jesus Christ.  At it's core, discipleship is about encouraging people to walk closer with Jesus Christ. Here are nine ideas to help you make disciples:

1. Spend a lot of time with GOD the Father, just as Jesus did. You can't give what you don't have.

2. Meet with your spouse and/or children on a regular basis (daily if possible), asking accountability questions (listed below).

3. During family time, pray, read the bible, memorize the bible together. YES, you have to get it right at home first!

4. Take your parent out to eat.  See what kind of road blocks keep them from pursuing God more.

5. Have friends over for dinner.  What kind of gospel conversations can you have with them?

6. Go out for coffee with a co-worker.  What is his or her view of God?

7. During a break at work, talk about a Christian book you've been reading.  What is a co-worker's view?

8. Show outrageous generosity in your neighborhood!  Bake cookies regularly for neighbors.  Demonstrate love that only comes from Jesus.

9. When God puts someone on your mind, send that person an encouraging text, email, or letter.

If one person took on the discipleship challenge to make one disciple every year, teaching that person to do the same, there could be 16 billion disciples made in 35 years

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