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Communion/Lord's Supper/Eucharist
What does communion look like in a house church
There are many different views on communion so we try to look at what the bible ACTUALLY says about it rather than relying heavily on tradition.  Communion was instituted at the Passover meal when Jesus applied the elements of the ceremony to be speaking of him.  The Passover meal was a full meal that the Jews shared together to celebrate what God did when the death angel passed over them.  Similarly, we believe gathering around the table for a full meal would be appropriate to celebrate what the wine and the bread symbolize in Jesus.  The wine symbolized Jesus' shed blood and the bread symbolizes Jesus' broken body.  
Who administers the elements of communion in a house church?
We don't find anywhere in scripture that dictates having a pastor or elder who should always administer communion.  Certainly, we think it is appropriate to have someone share from scripture about the meaning of the elements.  Often, this will be an elder or elder-in-training, or someone who is wise in the faith.
How often does a house church observe communion?
Since we don't see a specific mandate in scripture on how often to observe communion, we don't take a strong stance on this.  Some might say that the Passover meal was once each year so that is how often we will observe communion.  Others will say that they want to memorialize what Jesus has done for us once a month.  
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