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Should the house church be affiliated with a denomination
A denomination is a way for people and churches to categorize themselves quickly according to beliefs and traditions.  Although it is intended to help people draw together, we find that it pulls people apart.  When you list your denomination to someone, often the first thought is all the ways you disagree with that person rather than what you agree on.  We try to focus on the basics of the faith that link us together as being Christians, or Jesus followers.  We allow room for disagreements in many areas.  However, we hold strongly to certain doctrines that we believe are quite necessary.  Too often, there are things in scripture that are unclear and people try to make them clear.  
Denominations are also more prone to heresy.  A denominational structure will have a head or a main office.  When the head gets infected with wrong teaching or practices, the whole body gets infected.  House churches are more like a starfish.  If you cut off one of the legs, the starfish will grow the leg back and the leg that was cut off will grow into a new starfish.  The house church is designed to be completely self-contained and self-generating.  There is one head, and that is Jesus Christ.
Some house churches will be a part of a network.
Is the house church interdenominational or non-denominational?
Interdenominational: relating to more than one religious denomination.
Non-denominational: not relating to any denominations.
House Church Baltimore is non-denominational.  However, other house churches would consider themselves a part of a denomination.
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