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Is the house church model really a sustainable model
Ultimately, we don't see house church as our model, as much as we see it as the closest expression of church we see in scripture. A model is a creation of man and that is not what we are seeking to do. We seek to be thoroughly biblical in our approach to church. But, yes, we believe that biblical house church is more sustainable than the traditional church model for several reasons. First, in a house church, particularly in the US, there are no overhead costs for salaries and buildings. Second, the people in leadership are not from a distant seminary or church, but from within our individuals churches. We know each other well and are biblically able to select leaders because of how we truly know them. Lastly, because of our biblically focused format, it creates an environment where we can connect with each other in a way that makes our connection to each other through Christ real. We seek to do the 'one anothers of scripture' together, and that is God's clear directions for His beautiful church. 
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