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What is the house church strategy for discipleship
Jesus commanded us to make disciples. (Matthew 28:19-20) We make disciples individually, as a group, and as elders.  More Details
How does the house church do evangelism?
There are some ways where evangelism and discipleship overlap.  Discipleship is helping people grow closer in relationship to Jesus Christ.  Evangelism is telling others about Jesus Christ.  Evangelism should include a strategy to help people grow closer to Jesus, not just telling them about Jesus.  Otherwise, it is similar to giving birth to a child and leaving the child outside after telling them what to do.  An infant in Christ, should be connected to a body of believers, where discipleship can occur.
We encourage everyone in the house church to be actively engaged in their neighborhood, work, social sphere, etc., sharing the love of Jesus however possible.  There are times where we also try to get outside of our regular sphere of influence to proclaim the gospel.
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