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Can women be involved in the house churchCan women speak up in a house church meeting?
Absolutely. God expects all of His children to use their giftedness to build up the believers of a church. (Colossians 3:16). Also, all believers carry with them the responsibility of carrying forth the greatest message in the world. We are to all spread the gospel to make Christ known, this is not something believers in Christ can do, it is what they should do. (Matthew 28:18-20). There are limitations that are placed on women teaching in a church and are seen in 1 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Corinthians 14:34. In both of these places, it is not excluding the speech of women completely, but limiting the role of who is in authority in a Church. God has given men the responsibility of leading the teaching of a church. (1 Timothy 3:2, Titus 1:6, and 1 Corinthians 14:35) A common objection to this view is saying that those roles for men and women were only for the immediate culture of the believers they were written to and are not relevant for us today. However, 1 Timothy 2:14 describes the reasoning as dating back to the original two people. God gave us the cultural relevance. It is relevant for all time. But, men and women are joint heirs in Christ (Romans 8:17), fellow ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20), and royal priests. (1 Peter 2:9) Considering all of this, we conclude that men and women are equals in the eyes of God with differing roles. Practically speaking, women regularly speak in our gatherings and share in much the same way that men do. Our worship time is guided by the Elders, but all are free to speak as God leads. 
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