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House Church Videos
This is Discipleship: Could discipleship be easier if we were not weighed down by buildings, productions, meetings, programs, etc.? (1:59, ccodyguy)
We Are Church DocumentaryHave you ever wondered if there was more to church than what you’re currently experiencing? Have you ever asked yourself what it really looks like to be the Church as God intended? (20:41, Francis Chan)
House Church and Mega Church Approaches Compared (9:02, Art Mealer)
House Churches Versus Church Buildings | Which is Best?: 6 Reasons why house churches are the better model. (14:47, iThink Biblically)
Are Church Members Just Customers Now? (3:01, Richard Jacobson)
Here is a brief synopsis of Organic Church and how it works. (2:08, Neil Cole)
A missional church focuses more on sending than attracting. (2:00, jeffmagu)
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