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Send Missionaries

According to the Joshua Project, there are still 3.19 billion people that have not yet been reached with the gospel.  Since a major stumbling block for potential missionaries is a lack of resources, house churches have a wonderful opportunity to raise up and support a missionary. 

Find The Missionary:

Who has God’s heart for the world?

Who is willing to go?

Fill The Missionary:

What is the biblical basis for missions? 

What are some good books about missions?

Which mission conferences should be attended?

Is there a good missionary training program?

Fund The Missionary:

Can the house church support a full-time missionary?

Can the house church partially support the missionary while he/she takes a job in another country?

Follow The Missionary:

What can the house church do to help in ministry?

Who can they pray for?

Are there other needs that can be addressed?

Can house church members help through short-term mission trips?

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